Special Treatment

Lauch Date – 10th March 2013

Special Treatment & Other Stories – Excursions Into The Lives of Others

Tinderbox Publishing are pleased to announce, that a new book of short stories by Mark Swain, will be launched on Sunday 10th March 2013. The title story won the Kinglake Modern Short Story Prize in 2010 and was previously published in the anthology 'The Kinglake Book of Modern Short Stories 2010.' The other stories are all new.

The book is a collection of 12 stories Mark has written over the last four years. Some of them were seeds of ideas, or notes in the back of a Filofax, over the time that he was developing his risk management business and travelling to clients around the world. The subtitle, Excursions Into The Lives of Others, betrays the voyeuristic roots of those stories.
Mark says:
"I can hardly spend a moment in a market, a back street cafe, a business meeting, or browse in a charity shop, without noticing something that gives me an idea for a story. The numerous notes to myself, jotted on work documents, books and now in the notes section of my i-phone, are a testament to this. The disjointed scrawl is fertile ground for new ideas and I often re-read it – frequently interpreting the ideas in different ways. I'm curious about people; their lives; their pleasures and their pain. I try not to intrude, but I don't miss much. More often than not, what I write is totally subverted and embellished compared to what I've seen or heard, and sometimes I forget the truth of it once it's been written. It all becomes truth to me. I suppose I've always been a bit of a fantasist – a liar even. I think all storytellers are."

Special Treatment & Other Stories will be available on Amazon from Sunday 10th March 2013. Please subscribe to this blog for other news, via the link at the foot of the page.

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